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Do you feel frustrated trying to make your website look good but a small detail destroys the whole idea? Have you seen how users arrive at your site, go to your shopping cart but you never sell, they never buy anything from you? I know, it’s frustrating for an entrepreneur to have the best project in mind but not be able to carry it out because they don’t have a powerful website.

We know that each project is unique, therefore, we develop a unique way of implementing strategies, personalized for optimal SEO positioning and that results in an increase in organic traffic and the visualization of your business,

We apply personalized SEO positioning strategies to determine which tactics will make your visibility and organic traffic grow and be better positioned than your competition. In our web positioning agency in America we have experience with international clients but also with local businesses. We understand that each niche and market are different and our proposals are always adapted to the needs and possibilities of each business.

We want to be transparent with you because we know that not all online projects require a complete search engine optimization strategy. We focus on the changes that will have a more positive impact on your website, both in terms of visibility and organic traffic, leads, sales, reputation and authority.

All our work is totally linked to the standards that Google requires for a good positioning, doing only White Hat SEO strategies, the most transparent and safe way to scale a business.

Whether it is something local or an international business, your brand needs an internet presence, so you can reach more consumers and future customers that, without an online presence, you would not have. SEO is essential for this, but why? Here are some important points for you to keep in mind:
  • It is essential for every company to have an online presence, whether for customers who search for them, or people interested in services offered and who search directly on the Internet.
  • A well-optimized website will be more easily found by potential consumers from many places.
  • Your brand, once it is online, needs a set of keywords focused on your market, which show both the client and the Google algorithm, what your business is about, with this, we make sure to increase your chance of conversion.
  • With good content, focused on the customer and not on Google, we make sure to differentiate your brand from the rest, improve quality as a company and give you more authority within all the competition in your sector .
  • Although it may not seem important, it is essential to have a structure of URLs that is clear and precise enough, both for better loading speed, and to give, in a short but clear way, what your entire website is about.
Finally, you have to understand that your clients are there, out there, on the internet, trying to find the services you offer, so ask yourself, do you want to lose the possibility of making new sales? At MIIT. The best SEO positioning agency, we have an ideal team, professional and focused on one thing, beat your competition in internet search engines.
At MIIT, we follow this scheme to give you the best results: First, we audit your website: This with the aim of finding errors or areas where it can be improved, the analysis is done with various tools and in depth, we take into account everything that may be negatively influencing your place. Internal/external problem solving: After the audit, we focus on solving all kinds of problems, reviewing and improving titles, metatitles, tags, URL structure, indexing problems, 404 errors, Google penalties, problems with the speed of your website and much, much more. After this, we start the interlinking: Here we focus on linking all the links on your website to transfer traffic and authority to each other. Creation of Interesting Content: To maintain freshness on your website, we create content on a weekly basis, in which the title, tags and images are optimized, this to further increase your organic traffic, improve your authority within the sector and manage to be really relevant to a potential audience. Analysis of the competition: All very well so far, but do you know your competition? Well, online, we take care of investigating it, seeing if it performs and its results, the strategies they use and how to overcome them, to make you have much better results than them. Measurement, analysis and monitoring 24/7: Just like a conventional business, it needs constant monitoring, we rigorously monitor all the results we are obtaining, on a weekly, monthly and annual basis, we hold meetings personalized with the client where we provide complete reports on the progress of the project and more points to correct.
A bit confusing? Here we explain

So that you better understand what we are talking about, we are going to give you a brief explanation of everything, so… Let’s start

Imagine that they tell you about a good restaurant a few minutes from your house, you have the opportunity to eat some exquisite dishes and have a good time. You decide to go (passing other restaurants on the way that look incredible) and when you arrive at your destination, you realize that it is in a dark and dirty alley that does not give even the slightest confidence to anyone.

Out of mere curiosity you enter and when you take the first step, you feel the sticky floor, the unpleasant atmosphere and you lose all desire to be there, worse still, you feel a nauseating smell that is supposed to be that of food.

What would you do? go, right?

What just happened is more common than it seems, this happens when someone could barely become a customer. Has it happened to you? I can assure you that it has happened to you at least once.

All your potential customers run away from your online store or your digital business like hell with the simple fact of seeing something that does not convince them.

If your Website causes them any negative feeling or they don’t like it, you automatically lose any possibility that the person to whom it has caused that feeling trusts your business and you, your brand and the product or service you are selling, this sends him to the competition, where he might buy and take a customer that could perfectly be yours.

As you can see, giving away a client is as simple as not making a good impression either on your Website or your physical business. Would you wear slippers or flip-flops to an interview for a high-paying job? If your answer is no, then don’t try to increase your customers if you have a website that, far from making them fall in love, scares them away! It also applies to your physical business.

In the online world, you have 3 seconds to convince the future client

Three seconds. Crazy, right?

Yes, it is, but this is the current market, every day we users are more demanding with companies and we seek to feel more and more comfortable wherever we go to request a service or product.

A website is your online letter of introduction to your entire company, brand, franchise or business in general and of course, it has to be part of your corporate image, from the colors to the content. Now that you have an idea of ​​how important it is to have a design in your online business, let us help you boost your brand.

You already know how important it is to have a website to improve your brand, but , where do you get customers from? Well, SEO comes into play here. It is one of the first solid strategies to get long-term visitors. Today, all physical purchases first go through a digital review by the customer, where they see different products, features and designs, before making a purchase decision. Remember that, having a beautiful website to show it off to your competition is something great, but this alone does not attract customers, it is useless to have the most beautiful website in the world if you do not you have customers visiting, you’ve practically thrown your money away. We are clear that the design of your online store or your digital business could destroy the customer’s perception if it does not have a nice design, but it also has a very negative effect on SEO. There are very nice websites on the outside, but inside, their code is a disaster and they do not have the proper SEO structure, they have very slow loading processes, they do not have an optimal position or they simply do not attract customers. For this reason, web development must always go hand in hand with SEO optimization. If you already have your own website, we can choose to optimize it and leave it not only with a good design but also with a good positioning structure, maintaining the basic essence of your project but focusing on growth in search engines.

Everything is very nice right, maybe you wonder how we achieve everything we tell you? Well, it’s simple, something that nobody does but we put it into practice in all our projects, today we are going to reveal it to you but try not to make it public domain 🙂

SEO optimized website

With a structure focused on organic positioning in Google, we make your web project easy to use but with a construction just as search engines like it to climb in the first places.

100% Responsive web design

All our web designs are unique, custom made, without excessive code or slow loading, best of all, they look great on the phone. From any model and size, on tablets and small computers, you will always have an incredible design.

Design of custom web pages

Forget about identical sites one with the other like those made by others, we customize to your liking and adapt your entire online business to your needs.

Use new tools and trends

We are always innovating, we use the best platforms for competitor analysis, optimization and more, but also under the recent parameters of the Google algorithm.

User-friendly website

Since we use WordPress as a content manager and creator, you will have no problem adding, modifying, fixing, editing and customizing to your liking and whim at any time.

We cover all types of companies

Today having your business online is a priority, that’s why we are the only agency that adapts to any business, from barbershops, restaurants, dental and psychological clinics, pharmacies, doctors in general, makeup experts , veterinarians, bakeries, restaurants, nightclubs, WE HAVE EVERYTHING! It’s crazy, your company, your brand, you, will have their own space on the internet without any problem

It is not enough for us to make a beautiful website, we always want more, we want it to make you happy to have it, to be functional, to provide information and above all, to sell a lot. We want to favor you with a website that has a good structure, extensive growth and easy management and development

At MIIT we stay awake, strive and spend 24/7 in order to leave you a clear, beautiful but optimized website.

We have clients throughout Central and South America and every day we grow more, much more, we are a great family that has entrepreneurs inside, all with multiple visions of the world but with a common goal, to make a business succeed, and precisely in this it is that we help you

What does this mean? That all our clients have increased their traffic and sales exponentially and significantly thanks to MIIT.

We have many allies, a great team and we know what we do, but we understand that to help you generate more money you need to combine good web design, professional web development and an SEO strategy almost like an indestructible Triforce.

If you want to be the newest member of our gigantic and ever-growing family, just leave it to us, sit back, buckle up and get ready to take off.

A web plan that adapts to your business

Whether it’s a micro business or a business with more than 5,000 products in stock, a barbershop, hardware store, clinic or restaurant, we have the web plan for you.

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