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What is SEO Positioning

In basic terms, this term is nothing more than a type of strategy that is applied to a website for a single objective: Increase organic (free) traffic from search engines such as Google. With this improvement in the Web, search engine spiders can more easily analyze the site and conclude that it has a good optimization, this results in your site being more likely to climb and appear in the SERPs of any search engine, such as Google.

We know that each project is unique, therefore, we develop a unique way of implementing strategies, personalized for optimal SEO positioning and that results in an increase in organic traffic and the visualization of your business,

We apply personalized SEO positioning strategies to determine which tactics will make your visibility and organic traffic grow and be better positioned than your competition. In our web positioning agency in Nicaragua we have experience with international clients but also with local businesses. We understand that each niche and market are different and our proposals are always adapted to the needs and possibilities of each business.

We want to be transparent with you because we know that not all online projects require a complete search engine optimization strategy. We focus on the changes that will have a more positive impact on your website, both in terms of visibility and organic traffic, leads, sales, reputation and authority.

All our work is totally linked to the standards that Google asks for a good positioning, making only White Hat SEO strategies, the most transparent and safest way to scale a business.

Whether it is something local or an international business, your brand needs an internet presence, so you can reach more consumers and future customers that, without an online presence, you would not have. SEO is essential for this, but why? Here are some important points for you to keep in mind:

It is essential that every company has an online presence, whether it is for customers who search for them, or people interested in services that are offered and search directly on the Internet.
A well-optimized website will be more easily found by potential consumers from many places.
Your brand, once it is online, needs a set of keywords focused on your market, that show both the client and the Google algorithm, what your business is about, with this, we make sure to increase your chance of conversion.
With good content, focused on the customer and not on Google, we make sure to differentiate your brand from the rest, improve quality as a company and give you more authority within all the competition in your sector.
Although it may not seem important, it is essential to have a structure of URLs that is clear and precise enough, both for better loading speed, and to give, in a short but clear way, what your entire website is about.

Finally, you have to understand that your customers are there, out there, on the internet, trying to find the services you offer, so ask yourself, do you want to lose the possibility of making new sales? at MIIT. The best SEO positioning agency, we have an ideal team, professional and focused on one thing, to beat your competition in internet search engines.

At MIIT, we follow this scheme to give you the best results:

First, we audit your website: This with the aim of finding errors or areas where it can be improved, the analysis is done with various tools and in depth, we take into account everything that may be negatively influencing your site.

Internal / external problem solving: After the audit, we focus on solving all kinds of problems, reviewing and improving titles, meta titles, tags, URL structure, indexing problems, 404 errors, Google penalties, speed problem of your website and much, much more.

After this, we start the interlinking: Here we focus on linking all the links on your website to transfer traffic and authority to each other.

Creation of Content of interest: To maintain a freshness on your website, we create content on a weekly basis, in which the title, tags and images are optimized, this to further increase your organic traffic, improve your authority within the sector and become truly relevant to a potential audience.

Analysis of the competition: All very well so far, but what about your competition, do you know it? Well, online, we take care of investigating it, seeing if it performs and its results, the strategies they use and how to overcome them, to make you have much better results than them.

Measurement, analysis and monitoring 24/7: Just like a conventional business, it needs constant monitoring, we rigorously monitor all the results we are obtaining, on a weekly, monthly and annual basis, we hold personalized meetings with the client where we provide complete reports of project progress and more points to correct.

A bit confusing? Here we explain

So that you better understand what we are talking about, we are going to give you a brief explanation of everything, so… Let’s start

What is SEO positioning and why is it so important?

Any person who wants to be present on the internet, who has an online store, e-commerce, or sells online, on more than one occasion has wondered what SEO and organic positioning is, why it is so important and how it is done. You have to know from the outset that, when you are online, the most important thing is that they find you, that people know you, otherwise, it will be as if you don’t exist, for that reason, we will explain to you why all this is so important that in MIIT , is offered.

On-page SEO is nothing more than a conglomeration of techniques that are applied to the interior of the entire web that you want to position, within this, the most important factors to take into account when of doing an on-page SEO optimization, are:
  • Improvement of meta titles and meta tags
  • Image optimization
  • Improved web loading speed
  • A well-structured Sitemap.xml
  • Frequent creation of content of interest to the user
  • Good web structure for easy navigability
  • Good structure of HTML tags in titles (H1, H2, H3, H4. Etc.)
  • URL optimization
  • Indexing or de-indexing articles of interest or irrelevant
  • Improved issues, penalties and more.
  • Use of tools such as Google Search Console.
Unlike the previous one, off-page SEO is a conglomeration of strategies that are carried out outside the web, but that have a significant impact on the ranking that the site takes and how it scales in the SERPs, these are some few factors and techniques:
  • Link Building Strategies
  • Use of social networks in general
  • Guest Bloggin Strategies
  • Paid advertising
  • Advertising in newspapers and local media.
  • Registration of local businesses in directories such as Google my Business

Why does SEO matter so much on my website?

The best way to explain it is that you put yourself in this situation: “how much money would you generate if your potential customers doubled” basically, registering with a website and trying to position yourself, will give you the possibility of significantly increasing the visit to your business, and therefore, the conversion into sales of all your visitors. We want you to understand perfectly, and I want you to imagine this, “you want to buy an iPhone phone cover, you search the internet cover for iPhone X” now, where would you click? It is almost certain that you will enter the first results of this search. Surely if you do not find what you are looking for, modify the word you are looking for to buy cover for iPhone X and you would re-enter the first results before going down to the second page. Do you now understand the importance of web positioning? As such, the SEO strategy that a website has is unique, but the result that is sought will always be the same, to improve in the SERPs. Remember that the more visitors, the more chances there are to sell. Now I’ll explain some basic but powerful strategies for you to improve your ranking.

5 SEO strategies to improve your web positioning

To implement any type of strategy on your website, you must first understand what the algorithm of a search engine like Google is based on when raising the position of a website. User experience: One of the most important things, this influences more and more, basically it is to create content and web structure for the future client and not for an algorithm, in short, if your users like your web and your content, it is almost certain that any search engine too and therefore, you will position more. Optimization of the web: As we said above, part of the internal optimization of the web is very important and required by any search engine to position yourself, among the main metrics is the loading speed, this also influences In the user experience, the faster the web, the better any person who visits you will flow. Authority of the web: By this we mean the seniority, notoriety, value and popularity of our business and online site, how much value we bring, how many users talk about us and share us, how many link to us and How many people visit us? Now that you have this information, let’s go through the simplest but most effective techniques to help your website a little.

A good Hosting or web host

At the speed level of your website, it is necessary to have a good site to host your business, an ideal platform that offers you the required speed, remember that the larger your website is, the more resources it will consume and with poor hosting, your speed will go up. decreasing, there are many types of Hosting and these have to do with the level of traffic and the volume of content you have.

Optimize your images

There is nothing worse than entering a site and the images do not load. A site with good images captures more attention to all its visitors, also, the images can combine perfectly with the content you have and even better, if you optimize the Alt Title, you will have the possibility of positioning words that perhaps you do not have in your text. Good image optimization is essential to be in the first results of the search engine, so never forget this.

Make quality content

Almost since the internet has existed, it has been said that content is king, and let me tell you, it’s true! Making fresh content frequently is very important for your website to scale, it is one of the best on-page strategies. The more interesting and interesting content you have, the more you will retain your user and improve the visit time, apart from that, you will be able to make a future interlinking strategy and get quality backlinks on social networks.

Good keyword strategy

At this point you almost certainly know it but otherwise, a Keywords (keyword) such its meaning, is the word, or group of words that we want to position. Creating content that uses these words is a must. Identifying them, adding them and combining them with tags (H1, H2, H3…) will give your website better results organically.

Good SEO tools

Not because it is the last is the least important, complementing your good web positioning strategy with quality tools will ensure better results by being able to see, measure, segment and analyze all the information collected and use it in your favor for good positioning. in the SERPs of Google or any other search engine in the world.

In summary

SEO is important to position a website and a strategy is necessary for anyone who wants to enter this world and wants to eat the search engines. It is something complex, which takes time, sometimes a lot, but it is worth the effort since you will generate money with it, organic traffic, more visibility, recognition and good management of your brand.

Remember, if you want to have the best seo in the world

You have to use MIIT services.

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