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Today anyone can do paid advertising, what few understand is that SEM positioning is much more than paying Google AdWords or Facebook, if you do it wrong, you will only spend money, however, implement it done the right way guarantees significant improvement and faster rankings when combined with SEO. At MIIT, we are experts in this, we understand that you not only want to position yourself in the sector, you also need to sell your products and that is exactly why we are here.
Simple, because you gain visits, leads, customers and sales. In order for your company’s spending to return to your capital, you need to segment your audience very well and only show yourself to people interested in your product or service. MIIT is a specialist in segmentation and will make every penny of your money count. We develop paid campaigns for the purpose you want: More sales, improve positioning, increase the number of visits, fill out a survey, apply for a job and more. In any case, our SEM positioning plan will help you to:
  • Reach the exact people who are interested in your product or service
  • Find potential clients
  • Improve the profitability of your website or social networks in the short term
  • Go hand in hand with your SEO strategy to help you position
In our agency we not only do the campaign and that’s it, we monitor, analyze and measure the information that we are obtaining on a monthly basis to see if we are reaching the necessary goals for a good conversion and return on your money. Every business is unique and every campaign is different, so before paying any advertising platform, we analyze both your client and your competition.
To understand the difference, first, you have to know the main meeting point of both: Increase your visibility and conversions from search engines. Also keep in mind that SEO will put you in the first results organically, without any payment, while SEM will position you in the first results as an ad. The SEM can put you in the first results almost immediately, the SEO, on the contrary, requires time, a lot of time, the magic formula of this equation is to combine both.
A bit confusing? Here we explain

So that you better understand what we are talking about, we are going to give you a brief explanation of everything, so… Let’s start

The best SEM positioning service in America

Our SEM positioning strategy is based on:

ROI Tracking

Return on investment, being paid campaigns, we can measure the breakeven point, how much each sale costs and maximize conversions and reduce costs.

CPA improvement

We analyze the Cost per Customer Acquisition in all your campaigns, the cost per ad click and we see how to reduce spending to increase your gross income.

keyword analysis

We do an analysis of important keywords for your business, for which the competition is bidding and we choose those that can mean a return for us.

An adjustable payment campaign

All businesses are unique and differ greatly, therefore, the strategies we apply are always different even if they are focused on the same sector.

We enlist you in Google My Business

O Return on investment, being paid campaigns, we can measure the break-even point, how much each sale costs and maximize conversions and reduce costs.

Tracking and monitoring

We are constantly reviewing your campaign 24/7, at all times you will be informed of what you have spent, what you generate and what we project in the future with your investment.

Still somewhat confused?

Perhaps traffic from paid campaigns is a topic for you, but, we have plenty of information, we are going to explain a little more to you, so stick to it.

For its acronym in English (Search Engine Marketing) it consists of a group of precise strategies in which various online search engines are paid to appear in the first results in a very short time. The term can be translated as search engine marketing because it is basically that, investing money in search engine marketing to make ourselves known to potential customers. As you may have noticed, SEM cannot be understood without SEO (search engine optimization) which is nothing more than a conglomeration of strategies to position yourself in the first places of a search engine like Google, in an easier way, design a website and follow the algorithm parameters that a search engine has to rank the first places In these 2 concepts, the biggest difference, which makes both SEO and SEM positioning unique, is that SEM is paid and SEO is not. However, SEM is fast and SEO takes much longer.

SEM positioning example

If our company is a Dental Clinic located in America, then logically, our clients would search for “dental clinic” and this would be the word for which we would have to pay. When doing the campaign, Google AdWords will give us the option to bid for “Managua dental clinic” and when paying, it will make us appear in the first results.

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